Saturday, 4 December 2010

Marie Claire December 2010 Greek Edition: KORRES freebies

ok so last sunday while i was looking for a magazine to buy and take with me to the beach (just hang out near the beach,,the water is way too cold for me now!)  i discovered the MARIE CLAIRE DECEMBER 2010 GREEK EDITION...the freebies this month??? Two full size KORRES cosmetics products!!! you can imagine my excitement!! by the end of the day i went to at least 7 different newstands until i bought all three freebie offerings... if you live in Greece or can get your hands on this magazine definitely purchase!!
each magazine was only 5.50 euro!!! so for 16.50 i bought 6 FULL SIZE KORRES products!!
Definitely worth it!!

two free products in each box! 1 box per magazine!

1st box:
Sunflower oil eyesdadow in 46SOlive Green and  Smooth Cedar wood Eyeliner Pencil in 4Green.

2nd box:
Mango Butter Lipstick SPF10 in 13Natural Pink and Smooth Cedar wood Lipliner Pencil in 2Neutral Dark. 

3rd box:
Abyssinia Oil Volumising Strengthening Mascara in 02Brown and Soft Eyeliner Pencil in 3S Light Blue

 Blake Lively looking amazing in the interview photos:

I don't know with how many copies of this magazine i will end up with because if i find any alternatives to the colors i already purchased i will definitely pick up another just makes sense to me! Especially if i find the mascara in black or another shade of the Mango Butter Lipstick...i already own one more(which i purchased HERE) and its my all time favourite wierd lipstick taste and is super moisturizing... i would love for my collection to grow!!!

Will you be running out and searching fot these freebies? What do you think of the KORRES brand?


4th box:
Mango Butter Lipstick SPF10 in 47Orange Brown and Smooth Cedar wood Lipliner Pencil in 3Orange Brown.

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