Saturday, 27 November 2010

FOTD November Edition

ok so November has been a verrryy busy month..meaning during the day i had no time to play around with make up. Basically my daytime look was achieved by using these products:

words cannot express how grateful i am for finding this foundation... i never heard/read a review about it before the lady at the Estee Lauder counter insisted i try it... it is definitely an under-hyped product....
my skin has been very oily and acne prone for the last year or so and i really struggled to cover it up...
I've been using this every single day for the past 2 months since i purchased it and i just don't feel comfortable to change back to my MAC Studio Fix Fluid or even my Estee Lauder Double Wear...this covers up all imperfections for at least 10 hours and it doesn't oxidize at all!... i cant believe i was trying to cover acne with those foundations... if u are interested i would love to do a full review on the Estee Lauder Maximum Cover or any other foundations since i have tried out a ton!

I have a sample size of this concealer for the past year but i only rediscovered it lately.. 
i like it for a day look because for me it doesn't crease and it lasts longer than my Mac Select Cover Up.
i don't use this at night because i prefer more peachy toned concealers especially if pictures will be taken!

where i live Revlon is not sold as a "drugstore brand". Revlon products are only a little bit cheaper than MAC products so of course you are going to prefer MAC. About 2 months ago the Revlon counter had a 50% sale so i bought a bunch of things to try out and i really love them! Especially this powder... i use it with a Sigma SS150 powder brush to set my make up and to freshen up during lunch. I still get oily around my T-Zone but there's so much a powder can do...

this is a sample size as well ... i actually got it in a magazine months ago...i should have thrown it out by now but i love it too much... it doesn''t give me crazy long lashes like the L'oreal Voluminous does but for a day look its great.

i am actually blond and not a brunette but i thought this color suited me best. very easy way to fill in your brows and looks very natural for a brow pencil. it stays on even with really hot and humid weather.

i love this color on my fair/medium skin because i think it gives you the warmth of a bronzer but without looking too harsh during the day. i dab it on my cheeks with a MAC 129 and then blend! i prefer peach colored blushers to pink colored ones. especially if you are blond like me...blond hair and very pink blush is too barbie for me :)

i know you might think how boring using lip balms instead of lip glosses or lipsticks but here me out!!
by the time i get to work and have my first sip of green tea my lip gloss has disappeared and suddenly my lips are all dry ...but with this lip balm my lips are moisturized for a good 20 minutes before my morning tea and stay moisturized and pouty for hours,,,

this is my daily look. it's basic and takes me less than ten minutes!

what is your everyday make up look?

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