Monday, 30 May 2011

CLINIQUE: Safe is the New Sexy Boxset

CLINIQUE : Safe is the New Sexy Boxset

-SPF 30 Body Cream 150 ml (full size product)
-SPF 30 Face Cream 30 ml
-SPF 30 Face Cream 7 ml + key chain
-Make-up bag

this is my 3rd Clinique Boxset! (check out the other two here & here)

these boxsets are great value for pay for one full size Clinique product and you get a few more generous sample size products and a make-up bag for free.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

SpRiNg 2 SuMMeR LoOkS....

i think these 2 outfits are great for a spring-to-summer night look..
especially for us pale girls out there who don't fake tan...

Diane Kruger's Giambatistta Valli dress is great for this time of year..
it's nude but still has a dab of colour and print that goes well with paler skin tones.

Demi Moore's look is great too because its a way of wearing colour but without going over bored..
pairing bold coloured pants with black and white is always a safer option.
its the perfect look to transition into your summer wardrobe...
in a few weeks those hot red pants ($35 from H&M!!) will be worn with that white tank top alone..
but for now a light black blazer will keep you warm on those cool spring nights..

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

DiAnE + jOsHuA = most sTyLiSh couple eVeR

Diane Kruger has been my number one style inspiration for the past year..
but i don't think we've given enough credit to her seriously stylish other half...
Joshua Jackson can sure dress! you don't see many guys that can get away with red flip flops or a scarve rapped around their necks... i find his style to be very the brown belt/shoes with a black suit.. you gotta love a guy in a fedora hat and a vest...

Mr. Pacey i had no idea you had it in you!!! i salute :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Denim Shorts...

my favourite thing in my wardrobe are cropped jean shorts,
they can be worn spring, summer & fall, even in winter with opaque tights,
they can be dressed up or down,
with high heels or ballerina flats,
24 hours a day.