Saturday, 27 November 2010

FOTD November Edition

ok so November has been a verrryy busy month..meaning during the day i had no time to play around with make up. Basically my daytime look was achieved by using these products:

words cannot express how grateful i am for finding this foundation... i never heard/read a review about it before the lady at the Estee Lauder counter insisted i try it... it is definitely an under-hyped product....
my skin has been very oily and acne prone for the last year or so and i really struggled to cover it up...
I've been using this every single day for the past 2 months since i purchased it and i just don't feel comfortable to change back to my MAC Studio Fix Fluid or even my Estee Lauder Double Wear...this covers up all imperfections for at least 10 hours and it doesn't oxidize at all!... i cant believe i was trying to cover acne with those foundations... if u are interested i would love to do a full review on the Estee Lauder Maximum Cover or any other foundations since i have tried out a ton!

I have a sample size of this concealer for the past year but i only rediscovered it lately.. 
i like it for a day look because for me it doesn't crease and it lasts longer than my Mac Select Cover Up.
i don't use this at night because i prefer more peachy toned concealers especially if pictures will be taken!

where i live Revlon is not sold as a "drugstore brand". Revlon products are only a little bit cheaper than MAC products so of course you are going to prefer MAC. About 2 months ago the Revlon counter had a 50% sale so i bought a bunch of things to try out and i really love them! Especially this powder... i use it with a Sigma SS150 powder brush to set my make up and to freshen up during lunch. I still get oily around my T-Zone but there's so much a powder can do...

this is a sample size as well ... i actually got it in a magazine months ago...i should have thrown it out by now but i love it too much... it doesn''t give me crazy long lashes like the L'oreal Voluminous does but for a day look its great.

i am actually blond and not a brunette but i thought this color suited me best. very easy way to fill in your brows and looks very natural for a brow pencil. it stays on even with really hot and humid weather.

i love this color on my fair/medium skin because i think it gives you the warmth of a bronzer but without looking too harsh during the day. i dab it on my cheeks with a MAC 129 and then blend! i prefer peach colored blushers to pink colored ones. especially if you are blond like me...blond hair and very pink blush is too barbie for me :)

i know you might think how boring using lip balms instead of lip glosses or lipsticks but here me out!!
by the time i get to work and have my first sip of green tea my lip gloss has disappeared and suddenly my lips are all dry ...but with this lip balm my lips are moisturized for a good 20 minutes before my morning tea and stay moisturized and pouty for hours,,,

this is my daily look. it's basic and takes me less than ten minutes!

what is your everyday make up look?

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Mulberry Oversized Alexa in Oak Soft Buffalo

Tiffany&Co Clover Key Pendant

Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses

But more than anything right now i want 2 tickets for me and my boy beautiful Paris....
i haven't been to Paris so far but it seems like the best time to visit with the holidays coming up...
all those lights!!!

What is on your WiShLiSt at the moment?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

iNsPiReD By: aLeXa cHuNg

“I guess my look is generally quite preppy. Like school girl meets grandma… and a skanky older brother.”
That’s how Alexa Chung herself describes her style…
 I don’t care what anyone else says but Alexa had to be the coolest girl in her school…
Not a lot of people can pull off her outfits…and some pieces do shout out granny…

Whenever I go shopping with my friends and try out something Alexa Chungyyy they seriously make fun of me “ok grandma where are you going dressed like that” …. I guess I’m not as cool as Alexa…. Maybe if I had those gorgeous long legs she’s always showing off ….

Sunday, 14 November 2010

CoFFee BrEaK???

OK so I'm proud to say that for almost a month now i haven't had a sip of coffee!
this coming to you from a girl who just wasn't happy if she couldn't have her ice caramel latte from Starbucks... so obviously this wasn't an easy decision to make...
"Coffee has a high amount of caffeine (as do many sodas, chocolate, etc..). Caffeine causes the increases release of cortisol, which is the stress hormone and cause sebaceous glands to become overactive."
Basically many doctors believe that coffee/caffeine can be linked to acne breakouts...

I replaced coffee with: a cup or two of organic green tea + lots of water..
The water bottle you see in the pictures is actually the ice tea bottles you get at Starbucks.i much prefer it than plastic bottles. i try to fill the bottle up with water at least 4 times during the work day.
that's about 2 litres.

Some argue that if you're suffering from acne you should also eliminate tea from your diet as it contains caffeine as well. But a cup of green tea contains half the caffeine a cup of coffee green tea has a high content of antioxidants and nutrients.


The first Monday morning it felt weird making tea while everyone else got their coffee fix..
But strangely enough making the decision was a lot harder than keeping it...
Every time i felt a bit tired or sleepy throughout the day I'd just have another glass of water... 


  • An unexpected benefit was no more insomnia for me!!! I've always had a very hard time falling asleep since i was a doesn't matter how tired i am or if i was awake for 24 hours...i always needed at least an hour in bed before i could fall asleep.. Now even though i had a lot more energy during the day i was in bed sleeping by 10:30 for a whole week straight..I never woke up in the middle of the night either which i used to do all the time..
  • Also something i heard might happen but didn't expect was slimming down around my waist area. I'm an apple shaped girl all the way (skinny legs, if any fat in the stomach area) so i was so excited not to feel as bloated as i used to...
  • energy levels are a lot higher than normal! i also hardly ever had my afternoon chocolate treat
overall my skin has not cleared up but I'm very much enjoying the benefits of green tea + water so i won't be straying any time soon....

Friday, 12 November 2010

ThiS Or ThAt: TBS Aloe Calming Cleanser ? Korres WhiteTea 3in1 Cleansing Water ? Korres Orange Blossom Cleansing Emulsion ?

OK so a little update...last week i started an "aesthitician" don't become a professional aesthitician from this just learn the basics and the secrets from a professional... i would love to discuss what i learn each week :)
so basically in a class of 11 girls not one of us cleans her face correctly every night! the numbers are against us... apparently the right way consists of:
*a cream or oil-based cleanser to remove first thick layer of make-up
*a gentle eye make-up remover
*2 big round facial cleansing sponges or cotton pads
*a gel cleanser

at this point we will ignore toning, pealing, scrubs, masks and moisturizing!

Since i only use 1 of my 5 gel cleansers to remove my make-up in the shower i decided to take her advice and also include a "proper" make up remover in my night regimen. i have very bad break outs at the moment and i am looking for something simple, natural as possible, ...and affordable!

My 3 picks me decide with your comments and feedback!!!

No.1 : Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser
Best if you want to: Sooth your sensitive skin with a mild, soap-free cleansing lotion that gently, but thoroughly, removes make-up and impurities.

Want to purchase because: i hope it will calm my irritated, sensitive, oily, acne prone i like the fact that you can rinse this off with water if you don't feel like using cotton pads (which i don't)
Second Thought: worried it might leave a residue on my face or even break me out!

No. 2: Korres Orange Blossom Cleansing & Moisturizing Emulsion
Action: Rich in Active Aloe, the Orange blossom emulsion gently cleanses and moisturises; it removes make-up, sebum and dirt, allowing the skin to breathe. The Cypress active extract, rich in tannins, exerts remarkable astringent and antibacterial properties, while Calendula soothes inflammations of oily skin. The Orange blossom distillate comforts and refreshes the skin.

Want to purchase because: this sounds like it calms the skin..but also fights blemishes in a gentle way
Second Thought: again worried about leaving a residue on my face or even breaking me out! Not sure if you can rinse off as well.

No. 3: Korres White Tea 3in1 Cleansing Water
A soap-free, 3in1 water that removes everyday impurities, face and eye makeup while also toning the skin. The Organic white tea extract is a rich source of antioxidants to fight off free radical damage, while the astringent Hamamelis extract tightens pores and soothes and calms the skin. And because of it’s natural ingredients, this cleansing water won’t irritate the eyes - could you ask for more?

Want to purchase because: deep down I'm secretly scared of cream cleansers for my oily acne prone skin so this sounds ideal...i saw this in the shop really does look like water...
Second Thought: you can only use this by applying on a cotton pad...and because its so watery i will probably use it up a lot quicker than the others....

I've never thought this seriously about buying a product before..I'm usually an impulse buyer (see 5 gel cleansers:)) but some advice from a professional your homework before you purchase....!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Current obsession: LaUrEn CoNrAd's PoLiShEd MaKe Up

Ok so I'm such a fan of the "complete" Lauren Conrad look...the long shiny hair, the simple outfits
accessorized with Chanel bags, Loubitins, beautiful the flawless make up...  i am so obsessed with the groomed and polished natural look...and i think Lauren does it best..

so Lauren has a few trademarks going on...the California Glow...the Cat Eye.. the Retro Red Lip...
but to break it down:

Lauren has great skin so she doesn't really need much just evens out her skin tone and gives her that dewy finish.
Her make up artist is a big fan of contouring in the hollows of her cheeks, temples, hairline and below her jawline.
You will never see her with pale skin.. She gets her natural glow by always using bronzer and peach coral blush ...I've rarely seen her wearing a pink blush!
Lauren hardly ever wears eyeshadows...but if she does it will be a nude slightly shimmery color.
What she is rarely seen without is her signature cat eye that can be done either with a liquid or with a gel eyeliner. Laurens look would not be complete without it!
Finally the lipgloss...she seems to change the shade quite often but she always keeps it natural...

Key words to remember: effortless, polished, barely there, natural.

Every now and the when she wants to glam up her look : Red Lipstick....that simple...

and just so we don't feel bad if we are not as gorgeous as Lauren.....even she looks human without any make up on!!!!

What do you think of Laurens make up look?
 What about her style in general?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Free MaKe Up LeSsOnS!!! ... BaSiC MaKe Up 101

i don't know about you guys but i am absolutely obsessed with beauty gurus on You Tube!

ok so my make-up obsession started about a year ago. In August 2009 while i was vacationing at my friends summer house all of a sudden...(i mean from one day to the next)....i started getting horrible cystic acne breakouts!!! i thought it might have been an allergic reaction or something but it was just not going away...

so while before this i was obsessed with fashion...clothes..accessories... and i just dabbed on lip gloss and maybe some mascara in the obsession shifted towards make-up, specifically how to cover up the spots but still look as natural as possible...

that is how i discovered make-up gurus on YouTube...since then i don't know if my techniques have improved ...but i know my make up collection has...

i have a couple favourite gurus that i absolutely adore (a variety of professional make-up artists but also normal girls & boys with a fixation for cosmetics)....but there is one ... that when i watch her videos i feel like I'm in class and should be taking notes!!!! :) its just the way she explains it ...i just learn so much with every video... i also love her videos because she really goes into depth and covers a wider range of subjects

i probably watched each one at least 2-3 times....if you guys are also make-up obsessed or just  want to learn the basics...this is a great and free way!

Check out make up artist Lisa Eldridge's YouTube Channel and Website

I just wanted to share this with you...Let me know what you think!!!

Who is your favourite YuoTube Beauty Guru?

Monday, 1 November 2010

LiSteNiNg To....My HeArT

One of my all time favourite songs...

i don't speak a word of Spanish but i feel i know exactly what she's trying to say...

Unwinding ...on the first day of the month...