Saturday, 30 October 2010

AtHeNs CoSmEtiCs HauL: Korres. Apitiva. L'Oreal

I repurchased 2 tubes of my favourite mascara (that definitely deserves the hype) L'oreal Voluminous because they don't sell it where i live. Plus it was only 10 euros each (3 euros cheaper than the Athens Duty Free).

I found a great offer in Athens Duty Free...4 full size KORRES products for 60% off. I only spent 23 euros! The package included: Multivitamin Compact Powder Lightweight Matte Finish (shade: MVP2), Ginger & Vitamins Lightweight Foundation SPF10 (shade: LF3), Wild Rose Concealer (shade: WRC3) and Mango Butter Lipstick SPF10 (shade: 12 Frost Pink).

The shop assistant there was kind enough to give me a couple of samples because i told her i wanted to try the KORRES brand for a while now. The samples i got: White Tea Facial Fluid Gel cleanser, Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Antiwrinkle Night Cream and Acacia Milk Conditioner for dry hair.

At the drugstore next to our hotel i bought 3 KORRES 10 ml packs for only 4 euros! i got Pomegranate Facial Scrub and Mask for oily/combination skin and Yogurt Mask for normal/combination skin.

At the drugstore for only 6 euros i also got 4  8ml packets of APIVITA "express beauty deep cleansing mask with green clay"  and 2  10ml packets of APIVITA "anti-oxidant face mask with tomato". If you are not familiar with the APIVITA brand they are also a greek brand like KORRES that believe in natural, pure products. The masks i bought are paraben,silicone, propylene glycol free.

At some point (after i use up all the products i have in my skincare drawer) i only want to use healthy, natural products because my skin is so sensitive and irritated all the time and i hope that will be the answer to all my skin problems. Plus i prefer supporting companies that don't shove a bunch of chemicals, that will eventually harm you, into their products.

If you are interested i will be happy to review any of these products. Have you tried the KORRES or APIVITA brands? What are your thoughts on "natural" cosmetics?

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