Saturday, 11 December 2010

MiNi HaUL: AsOs + Fresh Line

my order from ASOS finally came in last night!!! i was so excited i was looking for a cute black bag like this one where you can take everywhere...from the office...out to
i love it!!! it might be plain black but the little charm and the leopard print inside makes it really unique


i also was in the mall today buying presents for others..and even though i promised i wouldn't buy any more skincare products until i use all of mine up...i caved...

i caved because i am using the CLINIQUE anti blemish solutions toner (which i love) and my aesthitician told be to only use that at night since it contains alcohol...and alcohol products plus sunny weather is not a good equation.

so i purchased the Face Toner with Witch Hazel for Oily Skin from FRESH LINE.
FRESH LINE is a Greek homemade cosmetics brand with shops around Europe.
i really want to only use natural cosmetics at some point, so i really hope i like this brand...i do like the prices!!! the toner was 13.50 euros for 250 ml...compared to the Clinique which is 25 euro for 200 ml.

of course i asked for an eye cream sample (i love samples). the lady gave me an Hera eye cream with Rose and a Hera Serum Botox Like for the face to use under your moisturizer.

Have you tried any Fresh Line products? Will you be taking advantage of the free delivery from ASOS this holiday season? 


  1. I also have this bag...amazing!I love it ^_^

  2. @ MyBeautyDiary...i love it too!! so happy i bought it...3 months later and i,ve been using it almost every day :)