Sunday, 7 November 2010

Current obsession: LaUrEn CoNrAd's PoLiShEd MaKe Up

Ok so I'm such a fan of the "complete" Lauren Conrad look...the long shiny hair, the simple outfits
accessorized with Chanel bags, Loubitins, beautiful the flawless make up...  i am so obsessed with the groomed and polished natural look...and i think Lauren does it best..

so Lauren has a few trademarks going on...the California Glow...the Cat Eye.. the Retro Red Lip...
but to break it down:

Lauren has great skin so she doesn't really need much just evens out her skin tone and gives her that dewy finish.
Her make up artist is a big fan of contouring in the hollows of her cheeks, temples, hairline and below her jawline.
You will never see her with pale skin.. She gets her natural glow by always using bronzer and peach coral blush ...I've rarely seen her wearing a pink blush!
Lauren hardly ever wears eyeshadows...but if she does it will be a nude slightly shimmery color.
What she is rarely seen without is her signature cat eye that can be done either with a liquid or with a gel eyeliner. Laurens look would not be complete without it!
Finally the lipgloss...she seems to change the shade quite often but she always keeps it natural...

Key words to remember: effortless, polished, barely there, natural.

Every now and the when she wants to glam up her look : Red Lipstick....that simple...

and just so we don't feel bad if we are not as gorgeous as Lauren.....even she looks human without any make up on!!!!

What do you think of Laurens make up look?
 What about her style in general?

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  1. I LOVE ITT<333 She's such an amazing actress, and so gorgeous!