Monday, 31 January 2011


in January i changed my everyday make up routine that i used to have these past months..
the reason was i wanted a much lighter foundation that might have less coverage but at least it wouldn't clog my pores as much after wearing it for 12 straight hours like i usually do....
i searched around in my foundation drawer and re-discovered my ART DECO Mineral Loose Powder.
i used to use this last winter to set my liquid foundation, but this time i tried it on by itself and i was amazed by the's definilely medium to full coverage..
gets rid of redness,  covers my spots pretty well, does not slide off my face or oxidize, and i don't get as oily as i do with liquid foundation... 
don't get me wrong i still <3 my Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage...but at the end of the day it took forever for me to get it off, so it made me worried that my skin couldn't breath throu ought the day..
this Mineral Loose Powder stayed on all day too but when i'd remove it i could tell i had alot less make up on all day .. another advantage ..your natural skin shines through this make "cake-iness"..i didn't even need blush or bronzer most days!!

my obsession with Mad Men is still going strong so every single day of Janualy i would carefully line my upper lash line and make a little wing with my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack just like Betty Draper :)

This month over my The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care  i've been wearing KORRES Mango Butter Sheer Lipstick SPF 10 in Natural Pink just to give my face a pop of colour..
this lipstick is perfect..super moisturizing, doesn't smell or taste funny and has the most natural pinkish shade (just like the name...!!!)

so what make up have you been wearing this January?? Have you tried out these products too? 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

SaLeS HauLiNg

even though i wasn't supposed to be doing any shopping at all i picked up these sale items while i was shopping around for others...


this OASIS sweater was 50% off...even though it was still a bit expensive i had to get it..
it's very soft, the bow detail on the shoulder is so cute...and it's just as long as i like it..
i never wear short tops... 

this sleeveless blue top is also by OASIS... i found it 70% off...just 16 euros..
perfect for a spring/summer work look paired with skinny white jeans..

this STAR BY JULIEN MACDONALD top i got for 20% off..i went back a few weeks later and it was 70% off :(((  of course i didn't check if they still had my size because i would have been so disappointed if they did.... i love the leopard print.....i wear the backside in the front so the V shape is in the back..


one of my favorite finds.. i got 50% off this ESPRIT cashmere sweater
so soft and cute... i wore it with a black mini skirt, black tights and my TT Bagatt brogues..

i found this t-shirt in front of me in MARKS & SPENSER while i was looking for something for my grandma :) only 6 euros but the fabric is so's a size 14..i wear a size UK 6/ you can understand how over sized this is....but i think it will look so cute with skinny jeans, brogues and a long cardigan.

my favorite find!!! 30% off on these super cute leather brogues from TT BAGATT ..this is one of my favorite stores for great Italian leather, quality shoes.. i have a bunch of shoes from them ...they last for years..

70% off on these cute FIORELLI bags...perfect for spring/summer :)

so what do you think of my finds? what have you bought from the sales?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Dance With Givenchy

i received this fragrance as a gift during the holidays and i've fallen in love :)

i cannot describe perfumes! but... the composition of Dance with Givenchy ... jasmine, ylang ylang, apple, mandarin, orange blossom, wood and reminds me of YSL Parisienne i think...but maybe it's the color that's misleading.

in other words it's a feminine, floral fragrance...i love to wear it at night especially...and i always get loads of compliments when i wear it.

i'm terrible at reviewing perfumes but just wanted to let u know about it..if u find it in a store give it a sniff :)

have u tried Dance with Givenchy? do you love it as well?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

ReViEw: Murad Acne Complex

My Night Time Skin Regimen

i think it's about time i give my honest review on the Murad Acne Complex Kit given that  I've been using it since the beginning of September... that's five whole months giving this product a chance...sticking to the routine... and finally admitting that this is a horrible product for acne skin.

when i started using this product my acne was mild at the time...(if you consider that the past three months i was swimming in the beach everyday...and sea water always clears my opposed to pool water which breaks me out)....but i wanted a new skin routine for autumn to help control any new breakouts i might get...

i researched on line and found out that products with glycolic acid are great for acne prone skin..i was already using salicylic acid so i thought i would give G.A. a try...i discovered the Murad kit had  both G.A. and S.A. in it's ingredients..Plus i liked the fact that this was supposed to be a 30 day product.. i figured I'll use this for a skin will get even better..and then i can focus on a few scars i had on my right cheek...i was mistaken..

I knew there would be a "purging" period but i didn't know it would never end...
it claims to get all the bad things out of your skin for the first 2 weeks and the last 2 weeks your acne will disappear.. well I've been using it for five months and my skin keeps getting worse..

The Clarifying Cleanser and the Skin Perfecting Lotion are GOOD products.
The cleanser is only 2.0 fl. oz. I've been using it twice a day for 5 months and i still have some left..
it's a good cleanser, makes your skin feel very clean and tight.
The Skin Perfecting Lotion is an oil free moisturizer..i think it will work great on people who have acne AND dry skin..but not for me since i am oily..

now for the bad products...
The Exfoliating Blemish Treatment Gel and the Blemish Spot Treatment.
The Spot Treatment didn't do anything for doesn't get absorbed by the the morning the treatment was dried around the pimple ...but the pimple was not at all dried.. even after a couple of days on the same spot..nothing...this was the only product i used up in 30 days.
The Treatment Gel was supposed to clear clogged pores of bacteria, to control acne and restore clarity. All it did is give me huge cysts...i really wanted this product to work..i tried using a little bit, i tried using a lot, i tried it as a spot treatment...i couldn't use it during the day because it contains Hydrogen Peroxide which is an oxidizer used as a bleach apparently..not a good idea for a warm and sunny climate... plus it's difficult to apply make up over it. But the worst side effect is that it severely scared my skin...and i think it made me look a bit it takes away your youthful glow...

I know for a fact that it's the treatment gel irritating my skin because i wanted to stop using it for a while  before this review....well for a week now i only use the oil free moisturizer and The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil on my problem areas...<it's one of the products i bought a while ago and never used>

My skin is a lot less irritated and i hardly had any new spots.. But a full review will come on that in at least a month!

A final thought: I'm not bashing Murad this is my honest opinion.. i do like Murad as a brand. I use their Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30 everyday for the past year now and it works great... i also really want to try their Vitamin C Infusion Home Facial Kit....but something went wrong with this Acne Complex Kit....

Have you tried the Acne Complex Kit? did it work for you? what about Tea Tree Oil?

Monday, 10 January 2011

Louis Vuitton 2011 Cruise Collection Ads

Louis Vuitton 2011 Cruise Collection


even though i'm not at all a fan of the LV handbags (i find them to be very boring ....shock horror i know!!!)
i fell in love with the Louis Vuitton 2011 Cruise Collection...
Amazing Retro Chic...
not something i would usually go for but since i've been watching MAD MEN nonstop all weekend i think i'm obsessed with the 60's!!!! and with January Jones....she's so gorgeous that it's unfair....