Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Free MaKe Up LeSsOnS!!! ... BaSiC MaKe Up 101

i don't know about you guys but i am absolutely obsessed with beauty gurus on You Tube!

ok so my make-up obsession started about a year ago. In August 2009 while i was vacationing at my friends summer house all of a sudden...(i mean from one day to the next)....i started getting horrible cystic acne breakouts!!! i thought it might have been an allergic reaction or something but it was just not going away...

so while before this i was obsessed with fashion...clothes..accessories... and i just dabbed on lip gloss and maybe some mascara in the obsession shifted towards make-up, specifically how to cover up the spots but still look as natural as possible...

that is how i discovered make-up gurus on YouTube...since then i don't know if my techniques have improved ...but i know my make up collection has...

i have a couple favourite gurus that i absolutely adore (a variety of professional make-up artists but also normal girls & boys with a fixation for cosmetics)....but there is one ... that when i watch her videos i feel like I'm in class and should be taking notes!!!! :) its just the way she explains it ...i just learn so much with every video... i also love her videos because she really goes into depth and covers a wider range of subjects

i probably watched each one at least 2-3 times....if you guys are also make-up obsessed or just  want to learn the basics...this is a great and free way!

Check out make up artist Lisa Eldridge's YouTube Channel and Website

I just wanted to share this with you...Let me know what you think!!!

Who is your favourite YuoTube Beauty Guru?

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