Sunday, 14 November 2010

CoFFee BrEaK???

OK so I'm proud to say that for almost a month now i haven't had a sip of coffee!
this coming to you from a girl who just wasn't happy if she couldn't have her ice caramel latte from Starbucks... so obviously this wasn't an easy decision to make...
"Coffee has a high amount of caffeine (as do many sodas, chocolate, etc..). Caffeine causes the increases release of cortisol, which is the stress hormone and cause sebaceous glands to become overactive."
Basically many doctors believe that coffee/caffeine can be linked to acne breakouts...

I replaced coffee with: a cup or two of organic green tea + lots of water..
The water bottle you see in the pictures is actually the ice tea bottles you get at Starbucks.i much prefer it than plastic bottles. i try to fill the bottle up with water at least 4 times during the work day.
that's about 2 litres.

Some argue that if you're suffering from acne you should also eliminate tea from your diet as it contains caffeine as well. But a cup of green tea contains half the caffeine a cup of coffee green tea has a high content of antioxidants and nutrients.


The first Monday morning it felt weird making tea while everyone else got their coffee fix..
But strangely enough making the decision was a lot harder than keeping it...
Every time i felt a bit tired or sleepy throughout the day I'd just have another glass of water... 


  • An unexpected benefit was no more insomnia for me!!! I've always had a very hard time falling asleep since i was a doesn't matter how tired i am or if i was awake for 24 hours...i always needed at least an hour in bed before i could fall asleep.. Now even though i had a lot more energy during the day i was in bed sleeping by 10:30 for a whole week straight..I never woke up in the middle of the night either which i used to do all the time..
  • Also something i heard might happen but didn't expect was slimming down around my waist area. I'm an apple shaped girl all the way (skinny legs, if any fat in the stomach area) so i was so excited not to feel as bloated as i used to...
  • energy levels are a lot higher than normal! i also hardly ever had my afternoon chocolate treat
overall my skin has not cleared up but I'm very much enjoying the benefits of green tea + water so i won't be straying any time soon....

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