Thursday, 21 October 2010

i HATE packing!!!

I'm leaving for a 4 day trip to Athens, Greece tomorrow and once again I'm staring at my empty suitcase!!! I'm a terrible packer...I always pack way too much stuff that I end up never using and leave anything useful at home...especially now that it’s pouring down rain in Athens but I’m in shorts and flip flops at home!!! 

At least by now I know exactly what to wear at the airport:
1.      Long, soft, shawl/pashmina that will keep me warm in the airport and airplane since I always get so cold. It makes a simple boring outfit a bit more stylish.Plus I love to use it as a blanket as I take a nap in the plane.
2.      Warm cardigan. Again, low temperature issues.
3.      My “nice” sweatpants (don’t worry they are presentable!)  or my "boyfriend" jeans.
4.      I never wear high heals or boots when I travel. I prefer ballet flats with jeans or leggings and trainers with my sweatpants. Very comfy.
5.      An over sized shoulder bag. I always use my leather over sized “Accesorize” bag in a nude/grayish colour. I bought this bag 2-3 years ago from Athens and I only use it when I travel now. It’s the perfect size because I always end up throwing the magazines I buy in there, my duty-free purchases, my jacket, water, snacks. It fits everything!

Do you have any packing tips to give me? What is your favourite travelling outfit?

(The pictures are not mine...they belong to their rightful owners)

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