Saturday, 30 October 2010

AtHeNs HnM HauL

I tried to pick out a few "classic" pieces that i could wear for a couple of years and not just one season as I usually do. So only time will tell ...

I think this dress at only 29.95 euros was a great deal. The quality is great and i think it looks a lot more expensive.

24.95 euros. I bought this to wear with my high waisted black harem pants. Or a black mini skirt with black tights.

24.95 euros. I will probably wear this to work with black skinny jeans, ballerina flats and a black belt.

24.95 euros. I've already worn this out to a work dinner with my dark blue skinny STAFF jeans, my beige platform wedges and my pearl hoop earrings.

14.95 euros. I'll probably wear this with leggings,black boots or black ballerina flats and a black belt above the waist.

9.95 euros. This shirt is 100% organic cotton. I'll only probably wear it on weekends with a pair of jeggings. It looks so comfortable. It reminds me of something Alexa Chung would wear.

14.95 euros. The picture does not do this dress/top any justice. It is so cute. I will wear it with black leggings, the brown boots i bought and with a skinny brown belt above the waist.

9.95 euros. I will also wear this with a skinny brown belt above the waist. a white top underneath and my black skinny jeans.

14.95  euros. I will probably wear this  over my sleeveless dresses when I go clubbing in the winter.

9.95 euros. Black jeggings!

9.95 euros.

3.95 euros. 100% organic.

49.95 euros. I love this coat!

The only thing that is left now is for Fall/Winter to finally get here!!!

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