Saturday, 12 March 2011

SeXy 60's...

i think there is nothing sexier than a woman with big voluminous hair, long fluttering eyelashes, thick eyebrows that frame her eyes and a strong winged eyeliner...
it was sexy in the 60's and it's still super sexy now... 
you just can't go wrong with the Sex Kitten Look...


  1. WoooW !!!
    i really loved those pix
    they're sooo amaaaaazin' ;D

    btw wanna ask u if u knw the name of that first model?

  2. hey! im glad u like the pics :)

    i did some researching but still cant find out her name...
    i know its a Glamour UK 2010 editorial.. photographer: David Oldham
    makeup artist: Lisa Eldridge

    if i finally find out her name ill let u know..
    pls do so too!

  3. me too i triiied soo hard
    but i ddnt find any useful infoo ><
    shez a mysterious model :P

    i'll do my best ;) i'll keep lookin' 4 it :D

  4. Do you know who the last model is by any chance?

  5. yeah actually the model in the last pic is Abbey Lee Kershaw..

    thanks for stopping by!

  6. First pic looks like a young Bridget Bardot