Monday, 14 March 2011

A.C.E. IT !!!!

as you may know if you have been reading my blog I've been suffering from acne for exactly a year and a half now...i was really against going to a dermatologist because i didn't want to take any antibiotics or go on "the pill" but 5 weeks ago my face became EXTREMELY irritated, my pimples were inflamed and there was sever itchiness and even i couldn't put it off any longer...i finally went to a dermatologist that a friend of mine recommended to me since i first started breaking out...she did put me on antibiotics so the inflammation can go away..but she also informed me on the significance of Vitamins for your skin..

The dermatologist recommended i take Vitamins A+E twice a day for two months as well as my Vitamin C.
She insisted that Vit A+E will help my skin transform from super oily to a normal skin type... at first i didn't really believe her but 5 weeks later i am so suprised with the results...

i still use exactly the same products on my face i used before taking the Vits and now i hardly need to powder my face by noon ...while before ..2 hours after applying my make up you could slip and slide off my T-Zone...

of course i am not a doctor and i can't recommend anything for you to take but if you suffer from super oily skin that breaks your confidence and skin care products just can't control it ask your doctor or pharmacist if it's safe for you to take Vitamin A+E for a few months...

some people can eat crap all day and go to bed every night with make up on their face and just never ever get a pimple...but for most people what they put inside shows up on their skin...thats why you have to combine good skin care products with Vitamins, lots of water and green tea...and really examin what foods can cause you to break out..

do you take any vitamins or supplements for you skin?

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