Saturday, 22 January 2011

SaLeS HauLiNg

even though i wasn't supposed to be doing any shopping at all i picked up these sale items while i was shopping around for others...


this OASIS sweater was 50% off...even though it was still a bit expensive i had to get it..
it's very soft, the bow detail on the shoulder is so cute...and it's just as long as i like it..
i never wear short tops... 

this sleeveless blue top is also by OASIS... i found it 70% off...just 16 euros..
perfect for a spring/summer work look paired with skinny white jeans..

this STAR BY JULIEN MACDONALD top i got for 20% off..i went back a few weeks later and it was 70% off :(((  of course i didn't check if they still had my size because i would have been so disappointed if they did.... i love the leopard print.....i wear the backside in the front so the V shape is in the back..


one of my favorite finds.. i got 50% off this ESPRIT cashmere sweater
so soft and cute... i wore it with a black mini skirt, black tights and my TT Bagatt brogues..

i found this t-shirt in front of me in MARKS & SPENSER while i was looking for something for my grandma :) only 6 euros but the fabric is so's a size 14..i wear a size UK 6/ you can understand how over sized this is....but i think it will look so cute with skinny jeans, brogues and a long cardigan.

my favorite find!!! 30% off on these super cute leather brogues from TT BAGATT ..this is one of my favorite stores for great Italian leather, quality shoes.. i have a bunch of shoes from them ...they last for years..

70% off on these cute FIORELLI bags...perfect for spring/summer :)

so what do you think of my finds? what have you bought from the sales?


  1. Hiya,
    I really do like all these buys you have found. The first Oasis sweater with the bow detail is really cute! :) I like the bead detail and I would probably wear it although I do not always like accentating my shoulders, because I have a really small frame, just 5 foot! This has inspired me to go out and find something like this for me!!
    I love the shoes, I didn't have the confidence to wear brogues..but my friend has some really cool black and pink ones though they looked a bit flashy. Will be looking out for some nude coloured ones.

    Please feel free to follow me ;) I follow you!

  2. hi Hannah!
    thanks for taking the time to comment!
    im glad you liked these buys..the good thing about this sweater is that the shoulder detail is very discrete..thats because the bow is just shoulder-pad look here!!
    Nude coloured brogues sound amazing!! I've gotten some "funny" remarks on my brogues...but everyone ends up saying.."that's so youu"..
    if you feel a specific piece of clothing expresses your personality go for it...confidence will come later!!!!
    ppl do admire you for being yourself!

    i'll love for us to follow eachother!